Power BI

Create separate dashboards for each task and automate the follow up campaign

Project Overview

The client was a Real Estate investor who wanted to automate the task every week. On a daily basis the client used to get property leads and his requirement was to automate the follow up campaign so that after each month he could get an idea of what needed to be done on those leads. He already had a clear concept of how to work with the leads but he wanted to get help with executing measures. He had completed the easier task of collecting the data but he needed to create separate dashboards for each task where properties that needed to be worked on would appear.

Power BI

Our Approach

Power Bi can connect with many different types of databases and data warehouses at ease. We developed a query for the data warehouse the client was using like SQL server or cloud-based database like MS Azure, to import data in some pre-confirmed tabular structure. Thus we created power bi reports/dashboards for the same.

The layout of the reports was based on the current Tableau reports and we analyzed if another Power Bi widget might be a better choice. 

The developer we had, had experience in working with power bi.  For a recent client, we created many reports having both live queries as well as Import Data ones.

We used Power bi widgets to plot incoming request tickets with their type and severity for one of our clients. There we used a combination of SQL server database, Azure database and Excel Workbooks.

Technology Used

  • Power BI
  • Excel
  • SQLServer
  • Azure
  • Tableau

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