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Project Overview

The client wanted to create a video streaming app like Udemy. They wanted it for both iOS and Android. 

They wanted to develop programs for:

  • Web-based Admin of registered uploaders, selected revenue model, price, etc.
  • Video transcoding system to prepare uploaded videos for HLS streaming (through Amazon) Analytics system

For the End-users they needed programs so that the users could:

  1. Sign up / log in with a unique id (email, username and password, and phone number) and/or Facebook
  2. Reset a forgotten password
  3. Record/upload from a library a video taken directly from their iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode and in full resolution
  4. Be promoted to add certain metadata to the video like the title, description, and keywords
  5. Play, pause and scrub the video
  6. See the views of the videos
  7. Create and edit their profiles 
  8. View others’ profiles

Required Admin User Features: 

  1. View of a list of all incoming videos via a web portal and a dashboard of statistics
  2. View of a list of all users and their upload statistics - # of videos submitted, # of views by video, the price for each video, revenues earned, and by which revenue model
  3. View by the uploader to see a list of payments by revenue model and video title.
  4. Ability to delete video and metadata
  5. Ability to delete the user and all videos
  6. Ability to select curated videos that appear at top of the feed

Features we delivered: 

  • Uploading Videos and share them as Free or Paid.
  • Unlimited Live- streaming sessions can be created.
  • Earning per your video /  live-streaming 
  • Creating your social network

Challenges we faced: Converting live streaming to video after the session ends and storing it in s3 bucket without compromising the video’s quality.

The solution we provided: A setup with Nginx streaming server, where we saved a copy of live stream on disk and then streamed it to user in various formats using FFmpeg.

Technology Used

OS app | Swift | Node API | S3 with Cloudfront media | Nginx web server | FFmpeg Tool | Php (CodeIgniter) | GVI (Google Video Intelligence) service | HaishinKit | Crashlytics | Facebook SDK | Firebase | In-App Purchase

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