Remote Patient Monitoring

Health Monitoring System

Project Overview

The client was in need of a system that can help him to sync data of body fat scale, blood pressure cuff, glucose level etc,. from activity tracker. He wanted to automate the process without any intervention of the users with cellular integration. For that he reached out to us and we helped him throughout the process. 

The project is  a classic example of IoT with the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Remote Patient Monitoring

More Specification of the Requirements 

  • A HIPAA compliant system and a provider portal 
  • Integration of health management alerts 
  • An improved and clinically approved process where the customers can get accurate test results
  • If customers don’t fall within specified ranges of the system a notification (in the form of e-mail and SMS) should be sent to the doctor of the patient with the alert types(high, medium and low)
  • Once logged in, they should be redirected to the patient report automatically and test data within the available range. 
  • There should be provisions for them to take notes and actions to improve the care especially for the high risk patients
  • There should be a program to record the time spent on those actions for insurance reimbursement
  • Patients should have a portal too to track their progress and connect with the provider, if needed, on the platform. 
  • A compatibility to share files should also be there. 

Our Contributions

  • We developed a HIPAA Compliant  Remote Patient Monitoring System for the synchronization data. 
  • We created a well-equipped health management system where patients can remotely undertake tests and get notified almost instantly when the results are outside a certain range.
  • Created a self-service module for viewing and managing data both for the doctors and patients. 

Technology Used

  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS Cognito
  • Javascript
  • PHP ( consume API and handle Webhooks)
  • AWS SES 
  • Twilio

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