Rule Engine

Get user data and put them in a list according to their match

Project Overview

The client was running a startup business where they needed our assistance to build an MVP. The client used to provide a cloud based solution where he enabled users to log in and get instant insights and data from multiple IoT sensors or devices that are installed on their properties. To collect data and create a visualization of the same the API would be moving from the connected device to their cloud platform that is AWS or anything relevant to it where those data can be stored and categorized.

Rule Engine

Our Understanding of the Job

The client had job requests and bookings of services to be provided at various places. The objective of the project is to create a synchronized score lower for good matches and higher for low-quality matches. 

We needed to solve the problem and create a match between the task and the human competency for that task. The incoming job would be first transmitted to the most competent one before scheduling in those with lower competence while taking into account that the travel times can’t be too lengthy either. We were responsible for creating an interface for the entire planning . 

We found that the solution was to use Optaplanner and Trool.

The tasks performed by our program:-

  • Receiving bookings through API
  • Configuring based on two different logics 
  • Returning the planner jobs
  • Continuously replanning based on input
  • Setup optaplanner on serverless for us
  • Preferably building a JS UI for showing the planner shifts
  • Iterate on the logic for point 2 through exporting bookings to google sheets or similar

Technology Used

  • Rule engine
  • OptaPlanner
  • Solver

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