Rx Module

Rx Module allowed patients or clinics to create Rx and send orders to Pharmacy

Project Overview

The client reached out to us for a healthcare application. The objective of the application was to smoothen the medical process between the practitioners and the patients.

Rx Module

Our Prior Experience 

In one of our Healthcare project (EMR) we developed a module from where Medical Practitioners sends patient invoices to Medical stores so that respective patient receives orders directly from medical stores. This Rx Module allowed patients or clinics to create Rx and send orders to Pharmacy in Pdf format or by email.

Our Solution

PMD is an acronym for Patient Management Database. This project is a healthcare domain project. It is developed in .net and it uses 3rd party API like time trader,3d cart, etc. Here are few details on PMD:- 1.

This project had four panels:- 

  • PMP:  It is the panel for doctors or supporting staff where the various tasks are done. Each doctor is having their own login and password that can be created. 
  • EPP:  EPP is a panel for the patient’s login. Each patient will have a different login. 
  • EMF: EMF is the panel for the management of pharmacies. Here the pharmacies can be added. The Pharmacies can be created, searched, and edited using these panels. Medications, Formularies, and Dosage can also be added using this panel. Every pharmacy will have its own login credentials after the login will be created by the admin person. The pharmacies can log in and check the orders made through PMD. 
  • EVP: EVP is an Electronic vendor portal. This URL is like the shopping cart for products related to PMD. It is opened generally when the online shopping is clicked in PMPor EPP.

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