Create dashboard for collecting data to show interested investors

Project Overview

This project was from the media and entertainment industry. The client wanted to build a music application for the App Store. The idea was to build an application where artists, musicians and lyricists can instantly record their ideas and share in a global community that enables people to collaborate with each other. 

The client was in the testing phase where they were using FireAdmin and Firebase

They reach out to us for developing a dashboard for collecting data to snow traction of interested investors from customized events including the average time spent by each user, their likes and comments.


Our Role

  • Used FFmpeg tool to merge sounds while collaborating as well as compressing.
  • Set up a Dashboard in the FireBase console to collect the statistics. 
  • We had created a custom API, so in the future, it would be easier to switch from FireBase to a custom back-end. 

Miscellaneous Jobs done by us 

  1. Enable push notifications
  2. Record ideas
  3. Associate image/photos to the sound idea. (upload picture to sound)
  4. Private/Public switch of the sound ideas
  5. Public/Private icon associated
  6. Creating Groups 
  7. Admin panel in Firebase

Technology Stack 

  • Firebase
  • FFmpeg
  • IOS
  • Custom APIs

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