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Web app for logistics business

Project Overview

The client was basically running a classified ads platform and they approached us to automate a template to be populated. There was an email template for a weekly newsletter that informed the clients about their users of recently posted ads that were relevant to them.

They needed the template to be able to be automatically populated from our database, ideally using the Mailchimp API. It also needed to be dynamic, for example, one week it might contain 10 ads and another week it might contain 16 ads.

They got a design in mind which they shared with us. They needed the email to be responsive and capable to work with Mailchimp.

Swifnon on "bubble.io"

Requirements in detail

The client was looking for a low maintenance web app for his logistics business that could be easily customized, integrated with their in-house CRM & mobile app.

What we delivered

Low maintenance: Everything on Bubble.io that’s the best thing, we didn’t need any database for that.

Customization: We made a document/SOP alongside this site development

Integrations: Bubble.IO supported APIs for integrations and we integrated it with their CRM & mobile App


  1. User would login to admin page
  2. User would select the posts to include in the newsletter
  3. User would select the template to use
  4. User would select "Mailchimp" as the email sender
  5. User would schedule a date and time when the email will be sent out

In the backend

  1. We wrote a piece of code as a cloud function in Google Cloud or AWS Cloud
  2. We leveraged the bubble API/hooks to call our cloud function
  3. The cloud function code would bind the data and the newsletter from bubble.io via the API and send the email via MailChimp

Technology Used

  • Bubble.io 
  • Zapier 
  • JSON

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