WebSocket API

Building a WebSocket API using the AWS API gateway

Project Overview

The client reached out to us for building a WebSocket API using the AWS API gateway.

They had legacy WebSocket APIs built out and deployed on ec2 instances behind a load balancer. They would like to wrap these APIs and proxy/route from the API gateway.

WebSocket API

About the Technology

An API gateway WebSocket API is a list of WebSocket routes that have HTTP backend endpoints, Lambda functions, or other AWS resources. One can use API Gateway functionality, from development to production control, for all facets of the API lifecycle.

Gateway for API Bidirectional WebSocket APIs. A customer can send messages to a provider and providers can send messages to customers individually. This two-way behavior allows wealthier customer/service transactions, as providers can move data to customers without needing overt requests from customers. In real-time applications, WebSocket APIs are widely used, including chat applications, collaboration systems, multiplayer games, and platforms for financial commerce.

Our Approach

  • We programmed AWS API Gateway to support WebSockets. 
  • The API Gateway would handle connections between the client and your API service. 
  • We assumed that the API has a REST HTTP endpoint and integrated it into the AWS API gateway.
  • We also used CloudWatch so that the WebSocket traffic can be monitored and checked for latency and other issues.
  • We deployed the EC2 dynamically to handle variable loads using EC2 Autoscaling.

Technology Used

  • AWS API Gateway
  • WebSocket
  • CloudWatch

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