Wix Stores to Google Sheets Database

Use Wix Package Manager to access and update the Google spreadsheet.

Project Overview

This was a two part project. In the first part, the client wanted us to program a Google script that can help the business in various ways. The client wanted us to make a program to get Wix Store submission and show up in a Google Spreadsheet. They also wanted to automate the update when there was a purchase in the website. The Google sheet data is required for future purposes as well. 
According to the client, Google API’s package can be used in the Wix Package Manager to access and update the Google spreadsheet.

Wix Stores to Google Sheets Database

We prepared a Google script for them that can:

  • Create two Google sheets with the form data based on two separate Google sheet templates upon submission of a Google form. 
  • Link the spreadsheets via the important function. The import range code was automatically populated and authorized with the URL from the other Google Sheet
  • Create a 3rd Google Sheets with a line for each form response that had the URLs of the newly created Google Sheets and the User Email form fields

Optional Wix Deliverable/Project 

  • Write code/use API integration to enable ongoing update of a Wix database with Google Sheet URL driven by field match (User Email) after each new form submission.
  • Corvid (Javascript code) to call URL based on logged in user email.

There is a second part of the project where the client requested some enhancements of the program. They asked us to make a change in the filter so that the items that showed in the dropdowns can be listed in alphabetical order. This would help them operate the process better.

Technology Used

  • Wix
  • Google App Script
  • Wix Package Manager

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