Y2 Yoga Mindbody

Wordpress plugin for yoga studio

Project Overview

The client operates a yoga studio based in Charlotte, NC. They were looking for a web developer to create a Wordpress Plugin for them. They asked for our assistance to incorporate this idea into their business website. Here, we are going to share a detailed overview of the project and our way of addressing the issues.

Y2 Yoga Mindbody

The Client’s Requirements

The project was based on Wordpress, Mindbody, and Infusionsoft. The issue he was facing was the inconvenience of purchase for their customers. The potential customers they wanted to approach with some special offers were losing their interest because they needed to respond to an email for the acknowledgment of the offer to make the purchase. In this age of instant access, this procedure seems too long to work with. 

This is the reason the client wanted us to create a dashboard in Wordpress to add special deals. This would be for the promotion of the deal. Post creating the deal, they wanted to generate a shortcode to create the ‘buy now’ link and to place it in an email in Infushionsoft. 

After the emailing process, they wanted to add a promotion in Mindbody with a unique code. This enables the recipient only to use the promotion. In the future scenario, that recipient should be able to use that promotion based on the client ID.

Our Contribution

  • We assigned one expert developer to handle this project 
  • We had created the WordPress cloning the promo code feature of Mindbody. 
  • After the creation of the code in WordPress Plugin, we created a promo code for MindBody as well, using API. 
  • The short code generation was also done by us to Infushionsoft.

Technology Used

  • Wordpress
  • Mindbody
  • Infusionsoft
  • APIs

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