Bluemix DevOps Services

IBM’s BlueMix DevOps Services is a SaaS (software as a service). It has such a capability that we can develop, track, plan and deploy any web application/software in one place. From within our projects, we can access everything that is required to build an app.

In order to simplify teamwork, collaboration tools can also be used. Once the app is built, it can be deployed to the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. So, in all we can go from source code to running apps in just minutes.

Laitkor - Bluemix Work

OS: IBM BlueMix
Server side language: Node.js
Client side technology: Node.js (node-red), IoT, IBM BlueMix, Philips Hue, NEST, IFTTT recipes.
Architecture: MVC

Basically we designed the app to allow EmoSpark device, to connect with different- Phillips Hue & Nest devices in same network and control them through their provided APIs. We used a node.js application with node-red, installed on BlueMix.

Other than this, we also used IFTTT recipes through their APIs, to handle these Philips and Nest devices remotely, by adding some specific IFTTT recipes for the application and making the user to follow them.


EmoSpark tool is designed to take voice commands from their owner and is able to do the specified jobs. The device uses facial recognition and language analysis to evaluate human emotion and convey responsive content according to the emotion.

IBM Bluemix DevOps Services Capabilities

  • Agile planning from Track and Plan service offered.
  • Web IDE for editing & managing source control.
  • Source control management through Git, GitHub or Jazz SCM.
  • The Delivery Pipeline service automates builds and deployments,

Laitkor’s Role

So, if you are the one who is on a lookout to get an app done in a quite easier way and you just dread spending time in setting up all development environments, configuring servers etc then Laitkor Team can leverage it for you using IBM Bluemix DevOps services.

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