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One of the projects had two phases - (1) the first phase was a "proof of concept" showing what the client was looking to have done for two widgets, and (2) the second phase used Figma and Bravo Studio App. The larger product would have 15 - 20 widgets, each with a 2nd detail page, and with a 3rd detail page.

It would utilize: (1) if/else logic, (2) API connections (using Bravo Studio App), and be turned into a mobile app (again, using Bravo Studio app).

Figma Prototyping

The client approached us to replicate two widgets in Fima:

(1) A two-field form for someone to enter a username and password.

(2) A widget integrating with an API to pull data and show results.

The Bravo Studio App they were using was designed to integrate within Figma UI - bind data - and then busable as an actual app with real, live data. 

They wanted us to set: (1) Bravo studio app working. (2) Bravo studio app showing live data - and changing colors based on data (performance good, widget turns green, performance bad, widget turns red. (3) And entering the form field data provided in the sheet/data source.

We imported the Figma file into Bravo. Call the google sheets API directly in bravo. The data returned from the API was processed, selected, and bound to the Figma widget data field. We served the client meeting their expectations. 

We have a lot of AWS experience across all their products. We built video/audio conferencing solutions for various clients. We integrated AWS Chime with an interactive webinar for a Canadian client. We integrated AWS Chime for focus meet groups. 

For one of the projects, the deliverable was a mobile app for Android/iOS. The product was a chat-based social media app that allowed users to add audio to a playlist. It was in the prototype stage and needed expansion. The core of the work included migration of the codebase from Ionic to React, conversion of DB from SQL server to a scalable cloud enterprise DB, migration of the C# API to cloud-hosted API Services, the addition of notifications, follow features and speech API to search function and forms and editing search result layout. 

We split the POC into three parts and the 1st POC is to test the audio playlist, it was completed and tested. We also worked on some UI-related changes. We further made the changes the client asked for in the POC i.e. to play the audio file in the background and we tested the application on Expo. Later we shifted from Expo framework to React native. We completed POC 2 and POC 3 later based on the requirements of the client. We handled the events like mute/unmute via Firebase and we configured Firebase to handle notifications going through the application to the user. The Jitsi server was tested with various configuration items after getting rebuilt with custom code. There was some audio stream issue which was resolved.

Our Process

Our objective was to prioritize our clients’ complete satisfaction and we don’t rest until we achieve that. Project understanding comes right after that on which our first objective solely depends on. Following Agile methodology, we welcome changes and try to reflect that successfully on the SDLC and SMLC and well-designed version controls.

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