Google App Script

Laitkor creates dynamic web applications with Google Apps Script and provides full advantage of Google hosted services to clients.

Why Laitkor for creating Google Apps Script?

  • We build interactive Web App UIs that can run on most web and mobile browsers
  • Capable of developing applications to generate web forms from templates
  • We use Apps Script to build a simple web based database applications
  • Google form creation that enables to select and send email responses.
  • We also debug client code, keeping a track of all script issues even after deployment

We have created a number of Google Apps scripts at Laitkor which are being used a number of clients successfully. Find some of our related work below:

Laitkor Work

Web App Gaze

This is an app where you will fill a form and the form will be recorded on a spreadsheet and an email notification will be sent to the administrator who so ever authorised with admin rights of the form and required access. Through spreadsheet we can store the form data in a compact manner and then data retrieval is done in other google apps through scripting like google calendar, gmail and it is made available with ease and in a fully synchronized manner.

Gmail Analytics

This app provides data of emails sent and received by your Gmail inbox over a period of time. It has the ability to parse well the additional data like weekly and hourly volume, top recipients and senders, thread length, average response time, name and email of the sender and many other details. All data processing occurs locally in the Gmail account. In a way the app provides advanced email analytics and statistics.

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The costs for having my software developed by Laitkor were considerably cheaper than anything I could find in Australia. I have been very happy with the service, costs and the management of my projects

Denis Ryan
Chief Technical Officer, YouTurkey/ThatsNewsY

Outstanding experience! Highly recommended. Good communication and professional work. Delivered on time and very satisfied. 10 on 10 review rating as they fixed my iOS gaming app for all the bugs!

MBS Port
Chairman, MBS Port

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