Microsoft .NET Framework Core Development

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  1. Install MS .NET Core on Ubuntu or Amazon Linux on t2.small install with Code commit on Github : 7 hrs

We are a software consulting company in Silicon Valley, California, which started in 2004. Various feathers have been added to our cap since then. Our team of software engineers know ASP.NET, .Net Core, and related technologies well and have good experience working on Azure DevOps and following Agile Methodology.

Microsoft .NET Framework Core Development

We bring in lots of experience in developing ASP.NET/core/C# based MVC applications and have built applications with moderate complexity to real-time performance-oriented complex as well as setting and deploying apps on Amazon and Azure clouds.

Our expertise also includes back-end technology using .Net/ NodeJs / GoLang / Php and ROR.

We have built an organizational messaging platform which aims at delivering superior performance and unmatched integration with all the major business applications like Salesforce, emails, google drive, GitHub and 100’s of more along with providing all the required features of enterprise-level communication platform like powerful messaging features to make decisions quicker by discussing ideas, sharing files and getting instant feedback from the team.

Another project we have done is into claim management and settlement and that was developed in .Net core framework, MVC 5 with razor engine, Bootstrap + Entity Framework 6.0, SQL Server 2012 jQuery UI, Visual Studio 2015, Angularjs.

And, we have recently worked on a survey app, with a front-end on Angular, that is designed for the owners to create/edit/delete/publish multiple surveys for the mobile devices. The surveys can contain multiple questions of various types. Users can also create and define validation rules, auto-submit rules, and display rules for each specific question. Survey themes can also be customized & a preview is generated on the screen. Technologies used to create UI - Angular 2, Bootstrap, HTML, Microsoft .Net Framework Core & CSS

We have worked on Claimruler which is a multi-tenant SAAS application. This Project is based on the insurance domain. It is a claims system that supports end-to-end claims processing and streamlines claim settlement. Core design includes a web-based API interface that makes integration with other systems both in-house and third-party–easier. Built for insurance carriers, independent adjusters, cat adjusters, and daily claims adjusters. which is the Migration of classic .NET application to MVC 5.0 with razor engine. Technologies we used are ASP.Net 4.5 framework, MVC 5 with razor engine, Bootstrap, Entity Framework 6.0, SQL Server 2012, jQuery UI, Visual Studio 2013.

Our Process

Our objective was to prioritize our clients’ complete satisfaction and we don’t rest until we achieve that. Project understanding comes right after that on which our first objective solely depends on. Following Agile methodology, we welcome changes and try to reflect that successfully on the SDLC and SMLC and well-designed version controls.

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