MongoDB Express Angular Node.js

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Task related to "MongoDB Express Angular Node.js"

  1. Create a SaaS using the MEAN stack. Option to use ReactJS or Vue.js instead of Angular : 60 hrs

Our team of professionals are well equipped with advanced technologies and MongoDB, Angular Node.Js are some of them. We have delivered plenty of projects using these technologies.

MongoDB Express Angular Node.js

Here are some of those: 

We had a client who operates a water resource consulting firm, and wanted us to create a plugin through which the customers can install the ESRI plugin and connect it to their MongoDB database cluster

  1. The plugin was successfully integrated on ArcMap
  2. A new connection was created for the MongoDB
  3. Data was loaded to MongoDB by the plugin
  4. Required Feature class was reflected on MongoDB
  5. JSON mappings for the features were created

Another project was looking for quality developers with adequate experience with GEO spatial mapping and GIS in a Drupal 8 environment. The client was building an interactive map for a new Drupal 8 site that changes available contents based on zoom level or map outline.

  • We used MongoDB as the database, which was very efficient and very fast to query JSON data. 
  • The User Interface was Drupal for the web. 
  • We created an internal/private API so that Drupal can integrate with the MongoDB database. The API could be monetized on its own later on.

Also, in another project, we used a connector to expose a public REST API powered via node.js, secured by JWT Authentication and having configured support of webhooks. We enabled the users with OneDrive business to upload any file that would result in a webhook event and our node.js endpoint was called. 

Another client had a requirement of building a web application based on Node.js, MongoDB, SaaS, HTML and JavaScript. Their objective was to revolutionize healthcare technologies with this app. 

Having a knack for Healthcare SAAS, we developed several major web applications to convince the client that we can do the job. We had a lot of experience in building health technology web apps/API which is HIPAA compliant

A client had a new project that required pushing out a file similar to results Redefined Report that got parsed out and created a record in Infusionsoft and then placed the order into an FTP server that the vendor picked up into their system.

Our solution was to create an InfusionSoft order with a  tag. This would call a webhook to start the order. We did this by using InfusionSoft APIs to create a custom connector.
We created a Node.js script to generate an HL7 order and place it in an S3 bucket, which was mapped to an FTP folder.

Our Process

Our objective was to prioritize our clients’ complete satisfaction and we don’t rest until we achieve that. Project understanding comes right after that on which our first objective solely depends on. Following Agile methodology, we welcome changes and try to reflect that successfully on the SDLC and SMLC and well-designed version controls.

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