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With our experienced team and their impeccable knowledge and skillset, we successfully delivered many projects fulfilling their unique requirements and implemented Perl in them. 

A client was looking for a professional calculator with more features and graphs enabled with a great layout. The tool needs to fit on a particular page. The client was using a Magento website, so it would need to display properly on that page. Features they wanted were a billing plan along with three tariff plans.


We worked with number crunching and built graphs in a single project. We created one for a US client where we had to track the ad campaigns. The hits received on the ads were in thousands per second and we needed to store them all with no performance failure at the user end. Later the URL was used to grab the sales of the product calculating # of people who viewed the ad, compared to # of people actually purchased it. We facilitated automatic updates from the book-keeping program (Venice) to the website (Magento). The information updated on the website were Price, Stock, Date when the product back in stock, Pre-order, Inner box, Otterbox. 

We have executed a project for an Irish client which was a startup and needed everything from design to layout to code. We used Perl to deliver the project with success. 
For another project, we developed an application in C# and Perl which was used for reading the image files from the specified directory, searching for the file types which were defined in the application config setting, checking whether the PowerPoint was installed on the machine or not; if not, displaying a message to install, for PowerPoint, resizing the images to maintain Aspect Ratio and put all the images in a PPT file, generating and downloading the PPT file.

Our Process

Our objective was to prioritize our clients’ complete satisfaction and we don’t rest until we achieve that. Project understanding comes right after that on which our first objective solely depends on. Following Agile methodology, we welcome changes and try to reflect that successfully on the SDLC and SMLC and well-designed version controls.

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