Python Web Development

Python Web Development

Python based application development can help you in many a proactive ways and with this you can see almost instantaneous gains in productivity along lower maintenance costs. Web Development work in Python from project design view point emphasizes code readability and its format allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than in languages such as C. The language provides constructs anticipated to facilitate clear programs on both a small and large scale.

Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management and has a large and comprehensive standard library. Like other dynamic languages, Python is often used as a scripting language, but is also used in a wide range of non-scripting contexts. Using third-party tools, Python code can be packaged into standalone executable programs (such as Py2exe, or Pyinstaller). Python interpreters are available for many operating systems. CPython, the reference implementation of Python, is free and open source software and has a community-based development model, as do nearly all of its alternative implementations.

Python Application Development

  • It features clean and simple format which is easy to learn and work with.
  • Developing apps in Python is faster than in Java or C/C++.
  • Faster process saves time costs.
  • Importance is given to security, testing and administration which redirects to streamlining software development.
  • It works well with all platforms and all operating systems including cloud deployments.
  • It is a scorer with legacy Java and .NET code, ensuring backwards compatibility.
  • It has been acknowledged by big players like Google and Microsoft yet it is utterly vendor unbiased.

Laitkor Python Service Offerings

  • Full-cycle Python web service development
  • Custom Python web application development
  • Python Data exchange & support system
  • Python designing and programming
  • Porting of legacy apps to Python based apps
  • Deployment and customization of commercial and open-source application packages
  • Ongoing support and web integration
  • Content management system
  • E-commerce web development
Laitkor Python Development Work
Workplace in the Cloud, with SSH and FTP

Workspace in the Cloud gives every developer the raw authority of their own runtime environment. Python and Ruby apps can be run and compiled with gcc. We even get a proper terminal with the Unix commands like make, telnet and VIM.

Developers with own servers have Cloud9+SSH. We can even connect to our FTP servers and use Cloud9 to see our file tree, drag-n-drop files and edit our code. Cloud9 helps in bringing the strength and superiority of JavaScript analysis, right to our browser. As we type, code suggestions appear below our code. Hovering over suggestions shows helpful JavaScript and Node.js documentation, so we constantly know what we’re working with.


  • Search: Highlighting and syntax hints let us know when on the right path, or if we’re missing an operator.
  • Goto file: Amazingly fast file access ensues that we’re always milliseconds away from opening the right file.
  • Adaptive themes: Cloud9 updates its skin to go with our editor theme.
  • Code folding: When needed to focus on significant functions, code folding subsides everything else so it’s out of our way. Folding arrows emerge when our mouse hovers over the line numbers, and then fade when we go back to coding.
  • Multiple cursors: Keyboard shortcuts connect to many useful functions like search for some text and then add cursors to results; add a cursor to the rows above and below the current line; or, simply type or paste onto multiple cursors.
  • Focus: Free your editor to its complete probability. Every part of the Cloud9 UI can be collapsed or hidden completely, so we get the greatest space to focus on our code. And for the strictly outstanding among them, there’s zen mode, where the editor floats above the IDE to fill 100% of the browser.

Odoo/OpenERP is a comprehensive and lucrative business suite which works as an open source alternative to Oracle, SAP, Microsoft & other enterprise resource planning softwares. It allows you to start with single module or application to fit in your needs and install other applications when so ever you need them.

  • Powerful yet beautiful and simple.
  • Quality services without any license fee.
  • Crisp and clear modular approach.
  • Flawless customization capabilities.
  • No Lock-In.
Odoo Features

Odoo is a management software which gets tremendous number of downloads every day. It is also the only management system which is not only used by big companies but also by independent and small companies. This proves that the software is quite flexible on the grounds of functional capabilities and ease of use.

Laitkor Odoo Services

Laitkor provides Odoo services to clients all over the world and carries a huge expertise in Odoo functional and technical area.

Odoo Deployment

Laitkor deploys Odoo for its clients and configures it to suit the custom needs. We also suggest best practices and best ways to use ERP to make your day to day operations faster and efficient. Our experienced and skilled resources are capable of setting up the ERP instances quite efficiently inorder to make you go live immediately.

Odoo Customization

Laitkor offers customizations if your processes do not fit into the default Odoo functionality. Our developer’s team can make the Odoo work the way you want to be so that you get a feel that its just made for you.

Laitkor Odoo Work

We have built a custom ERP solution based on Odoo. It provides an integrated real-time view of of core business processes to management. The system is proficient in handling leads, closing opportunities and calculating accurate forecasts. It also utilizes Odoo apps such as Lead Automation, Events and Mailing

This app is a backend API for managing an array of real-time sensors. These sensors are a part of client’s flagship security suite. Functions range from changes in pitch and angle to subscription for web endpoints receiving automated data. Together with hardware and the front-end real-time mapping application SOW, it forms a full fledged robust real-time monitoring product.

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The costs for having my software developed by Laitkor were considerably cheaper than anything I could find in Australia. I have been very happy with the service, costs and the management of my projects

Denis Ryan
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Outstanding experience! Highly recommended. Good communication and professional work. Delivered on time and very satisfied. 10 on 10 review rating as they fixed my iOS gaming app for all the bugs!

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