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We take pride in our team that is highly qualified and dedicated to their work. We harnessed Selenium and delivered clients’ requirements successfully with the integration of this technology. 

One of the clients was looking for someone experienced with selenium and selenium hub for a project. They wanted developers with experience in building fault-tolerant systems.

We used Selenium Webdriver for the automation of Web Projects and address regression concerns with it. Our Experience in Selenium :

1. Experienced in Designing Page Object models.

2. Execution of test script and generating a report using TestNG and Cucumber framework

3. Experience in implementation of BDD and Data-Driven Framework.

4. Test Execution by implementing Selenium Grid Concept for a cross-platform test by setting up Hub and Node System.

Selenium/ Automation Tools

For another project, the client was looking for a resource who had very good experience in Selenium scripts for testing the UI of a product.

  • Backend Technologies : - C# - Selenium

  • Software frameworks to use: .NET Core

Our team studied the basic requirements of the project and represented themselves as per the client’s needs. Yes, we did this job involving performance testing using Selenium + C#. A number of projects were done by us in performance testing involving Selenium + C#. Although we could not share any specific report for work done for a different client out of confidentiality reasons we provided them with a few screenshots of the report that would help them in concluding. 

Another client required to develop and configure an API Gateway Lambda Proxy and Lambda function which would take requests from Selenium running on a local machine and execute them on a target website. The function would act as a proxy. They required professionals with experience in AWS, API Gateway (to Lambda Proxies), Lambda functions, and Selenium.

We worked on integrating Gitlab which we used for project management with google spreadsheet in order to generate resource utilization using AWS lambda functions.

We have also integrated Lambda function with Amazon API Gateway. Lambda functions can be called on any event with Amazon S3 or DynamoDb etc. 

In another project, we built a chatbot using AWS Lex, Lambda. The chatbot was linked to the next available times. For example a user would navigate to the Clinic’s Flu Shot, view the available days this week, and start the chat. The backend of the bot was integrated with DynamoDB, SNS, Cloudwatch. We also got rich experience in automation testing using Selenium. We used Selenium Webdriver 2.20 for the automation of Web Projects and address regression concerns with it.

Another client subscribed to a data outlet that sent new leads every day twice in the form of google sheets. They needed this data to automatically be submitted into Facebook ads and Google ads for targeting. Therefore, to automate the process, they reached out to us. 
As Google ads didn’t provide the option to add the data directly from the API, we created a Selenium Script which converted the data in the required format and uploaded the same on Google Ads. For Facebook Ads, we used the FB Ads API and integrated the same with our script.

Our Process

Our objective was to prioritize our clients’ complete satisfaction and we don’t rest until we achieve that. Project understanding comes right after that on which our first objective solely depends on. Following Agile methodology, we welcome changes and try to reflect that successfully on the SDLC and SMLC and well-designed version controls.

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