Web Development Using Play

Web Development Using Play

Play is an open source web application framework, well written in Java and Scala, following the model view controller (MVC) architectural pattern. There are no additional efforts needed in Play framework and Laitkor knows well how to do web application development using Play with its hot built in features.

Play improves on the most popular non-Java web development languages and frameworks by introducing the advantages of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Overall in simple language Play makes you more productive.

SaralHRM - Web App Developed Using Play

Language: JAVA,Scala
Database: Postgres sql
Framework: Play 2.3.0

SaralHRM is an application which can be used to mark attendance of employees in any organisation. THe application consists of two types of users namely ‘Admin’ and ‘Employees’

Admin: Admin can login using preset username and password.

Manage Employees: CRUD where he can view all the employees and enable/disable their login capability. Admin can add a new employee by entering his name, and email address. An email will be sent to employee on successful creation of his/her account containing a randomly generated password.

View Report: View report displays the login/logout time of the employees. A drop down containing the name of all the employees will be visible at the top. This will be used to filter the report by employee names. Report can be filtered by Date as well.

Employees: Employee should be able to login using his email address and the password received in the email.

Mark Attendance: This page contains a text area where user can enter comments and a button with label “Punch-In”. Clicking on this button will mark his/her “IN” time in database and now the label on the button will say “Punch-Out”. Clicking on this button will save the “Out” time in database. Overlapping records will not be accepted by the system.

Play - FAQs

Versatile features and qualities make Play productive and fun to use:

  • Play’s declarative application URL scheme configuration
  • Type-safety mapping from a HTTP to an idiomatic Scala API.
  • Type-safe template syntax.
  • Play provides an architecture that embraces HTML5 client technologies.
  • Very fast build tool, live code changes when you reload or refresh web page in the web browser.
  • Play is a full-stack web framework features, including security, internationalization and persistence.
  • Play supports Java and it is the best way to make a Java web application.
  • Java itself is a success as a language, particularly in an enterprise software development domain and Play has enabled to quickly build a large user community.
  • Even if you are not planning to use Play with Java, you still get to benefit from the size of the wider Play community.
  • In recent years, there has been seen introduction of various JVM languages that provide a modern substitute to Java, aiming to be more type-safe, supporting functional programming idioms and resulting in more concise code, with the ultimate goal of allowing developers to be more productive and expressive when writing code.
  • Scala is currently the new statically typed JVM languages, and it is the second language that Play Framework (i.e., Play2)supports.
  • Scala needs its own high-productivity web framework.
  • Now a days, mainstream software development is about building web applications, and a language that doesn’t have a web framework suitable for a mainstream developer audience remains confined to niche applications, whatever the language’s inherent advantages.
  • Other Scala web frameworks are also available, but they are not full-stack frameworks that can become mainstream.
  • Play takes Scala from being a language with many useful libraries to being a language that’s part of an application stack that large numbers of developers will use to build web applications with a common architecture. This is the reason why Scala needs Play. And similarly play needs scala to give the all build and architectural features to make it more than a framework.

In order to implement a framework that gives equivalent idiomatic APIs in both Java and Scala technology, we generally use Scala. For type-safety in web development, Scala is needed.

To develop an advanced web application is not that easy as easy it sounds. But it can be, if you are using the right tools, and one of the recommended and preferred tool to use if you’re a Java developer or a Scala is the Play Framework and Play also provide many non java languages to advantage JVM feature.

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