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RETS is used to give brokers, agents and third parties access to listing and transaction data. MLSs nationwide are moving to adopt RETS as the industry standard because it drastically simplifies the process of getting listing data from an MLS to an agent’s site. Key benefits include customization of how the listing data is displayed, fresh listing data, and content added to the site. The one main drawback is that the data feed is impossible to use by itself. In other words, you need trained professional or additional software to make sense of it.

IDX (Internet Data Exchange)

This refers to the data exchange between an MLS board’s database and a realtor’s website. Sometimes, IDX is used to refer to a specific method of data exchange, most of which are outlined below. IDX has to do with public MLS search, and is viewed as a form of advertising. The listings that are displayed here are only those allowed by other participants, but almost always include the vast majority of the MLS database.

One big planet

OneBigPlanet¬†Corp. is the Intelligent Offer Network providing publishers and developers the ability to monetize their audience with relevant local and national offers. With their proven affiliate tracking technology, they provide access to a vast database of commissionable daily deals and national offers that can be tracked from multiple sources in a single system. Whether you’re an online publisher or a mobile developer, OneBigPlanet provides a full suite publishing tools ranging from APIs to customizable widgets, e-mails and deal sites. OneBigPlanet aggregates the best offers from existing deal providers, makes the data highly relevant and then allows publishers to promote these deals in a highly effective and intelligent manner. What sets OneBigPlanet apart is their dedication to creating strategies on a per client basis to ensure optimal revenue potential. The OneBigPlanet database sits on an Offer Relevance Engine that enhances the data available for each offer in order to match it with the right consumer.


AccuData’s targeted consumer mailing lists identify economically-active consumers with actionable demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information. Whether you need to saturate a specific area of the country or focus exclusively on key demographics/firmagraphics, you’ll gain much wider access to more qualified buyers through our Lists and Leads service. All the industry-leading data partners are available to you, along with impartial recommendations and exceptional client service honed through decades of proven mail list and database marketing success

Box Api

Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Integrate Box with Google Apps and Salesforce and access Box on mobile devices.



Time Trade API

Through a new TimeTrade Appointment Cloud Application Programming Interface (TACAPI), enterprise IT departments and system developers can now easily integrate TimeTrade advanced appointment scheduling services with corporate CRM systems that provide the daily interactions between their company and customers. The TAC API conforms to the WSIT SOAP standard and provides access to the TimeTrade API through standard development languages and tools including Java, Javascript, HTML 5.0, and Drupal.


It is designed specifically to work with HTTP and it essentially allows access tokens to be issued to 3rd-party clients by an authorization server with the approval of the resource owner.

OAuth leverages users to log into 3rd party multiple websites using their Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Facebook accounts without revealing their passwords.

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