Things to keep in mind before developing an iPhone App

With incredible technology and a user-friendly approach, the iPhone has been successful in building a great reputation and brand loyalty. There are many who swear by its class, unique features and brand image. And Apple on its part has followed stringent policies when it comes to its product- the iPhone.

There are certain things to be kept in mind when you consider designing an app for iPhone; given that the user base is niche and the number of apps flooding the AppStore every day is simply too huge to count.

  1. Consider user’s perspective:

When you think of developing an iPhone app, the first question you must ask yourself is: “Is the app worth it?” Know the purpose of your app and why and when will the users want to use it. If it is meant to be an m-commerce app, then are the users going to benefit from it? Put yourself in the user’s shoes and do an analysis of what a user would want from the app.

2. Analyze the market and customers for your app:

How will your app standout from other similar iPhone apps? What category of customers will your app target? Take surveys and do some researches to know the market feasibility of your app. Know that iPhone is widely used in USA, Canada and Australia. In the rest of the countries, its penetration is far low when compared to Android users. (Blame it on the high cost of the device!) So, when designing an iPhone app keep in mind that you cater to a certain audience which prefers brand and class and not affordability.

3. Design a framework:

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the prime factors to be considered when you start on the planning and development aspect. There are many ready automation tools and frameworks available for designing and building an iOS app. Also, there are many websites and tutorials which will help a layman gradually build an iOS app. Always see to it that the design is simple and user friendly.

4. Hire a good iOS developer:

Consulting and taking the services of an experienced iOS developer comes in handy when designing an iPhone app. iOS App development needs some expertise and experience and developers help to fill in that gap when an amateur will find it hard to code.

5. Test it before you launch it:

If you want your app to be certified by the App store, then it shouldn’t be buggy nor should it crash or get stuck while loading. Keeping these things in mind go for proper testing techniques for your iPhone app.

Things not to be ignored when developing an iPhone app:

  • Learn Objective-C or Swift, the program coding language used by iOS.
  • Practice as much as you can. Just reading stuff online and watching video tutorials won’t help. Start with small projects on every topic.
  • Consult your peers who are into app development. Have a talk with iOS app developers. Use networking to chat extensively for queries, tips and inputs.
  • When you submit your work to the App store, know that the process isn’t easy. There are a lot of rules and regulations that are to be adhered to and the people out there are very strict regarding the apps. So, when your app passes some stringent tests, only then does it get the approval.
  • And once approved, start with your marketing strategy to ensure that your app gets noticed by users. The time is long gone when you designed an app and it got noticed with you having done nothing to promote it.

Preplanned processes work out smoothly at the end. Ensure that is the case with you also when designing an iPhone app.

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