Top 10 Free Magento Extensions

eCommerce store powered  by Magento enables customers to have a fast and convenient online shopping experience. With the use of extensions, a Magento developer can even add more features and extend the functionality of the website and make the portal much more functional and powerful. Magento extensions can also be integrated with other web services, themes, marketing tools, and more in Magento powered websites.

Here are some of the top freely available Magento extensions, that you can make use of too in your Magento powered website:


Catalog Search Refinement is used to make the search results on the website more relevant. This extension makes the search result more meaningful when there are multiple search terms. When a user enters multiple keywords in the search box, Magento’s default search usually searches the products that contain ANY of the searched keywords. And this leads to an inaccurate search result because Magento searches everything that matches those keywords. This extension helps in smart search and gives accurate search results thus giving  the website visitors a better search experience. For example when a user enters ‘cake moulds’ in the search field, the Catalog Search Refinement searches everything that matches the word cake and mould.

Fooman Speedster combines multiple CSS files and JavaScript files to a single CSS and JavaScript files. By this, the page load in an e-commerce store become faster.  It helps to reduce the file size that has to be loaded with multiple HTTP requests.

The main features of this extension are:

  • Fully automated
  • Automatic versioning when the CSS and JavaScript files are updated
  • Creates expire headers for CSS and JavaScript files
  • Multi-store

3. Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional

Some websites require a vertical navigation menu which depends on the product categories. Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional extension adds a valuable, professional and a comfortable vertical navigation menu for the current category of the website.

The following are the main features of this extension:

  • URLs that are search engine friendly
  • Full free extension
  • Intelligent design fits any custom theme
  • Compatible with anchor and non-anchor


Lightbox extension helps to create an attractive gallery image in the Magento store. This extension replaces the default Magento zoom with the Lightbox script that expands the display of the image in the website. Hence, the customer can view the product image in a better way.  While the customer clicks on the image, the lightbox popup displays. The gallery plugin will allow adding the Lightbox popup to any page.

Following are the main features of the extension:

  • View the image by clicking on the Lightbox window
  • Improve the store usability
  • Drive sales by attracting the user’s eye to the Lightbox area

Banner Slider is the easiest and effective way to show multiple images to seize the customer’s attention at first sight when the customers visit the website. This Magento extension helps to create a series of banners or sliders that displays on the home page or in any other 36 available positions. With this, the e-commerce owner need not worry about the on-site promotion. The main features of this Magento extension are:

  • Up to 36 positions to put a banner on site
  • Diversified types of a banner with multiple effects
  • Detailed report for better improvements
  • Eye-catching images to attract the customers


There is no need to complete numerous forms for the successful registration.  Facebook Connect extension allows the users to log in to the e-commerce store with the help of their Facebook accounts. The clients can log in to the e-commerce using the Facebook account and also has access to following added features:

  • All the product pages have the Like feature
  • Recent activity widgets

Multiple Select In Layered Navigation is a simple Magento extension that makes the e-commerce store navigation more user-friendly and flexible. It allows the e-commerce store customer to apply multiple values of the same filter criteria. This extension does not have any admin configuration; it just works as it is. The following are the main features of this extension:

  • 100% open source
  • Works well with any attribute filter and price filter
  • Custom design-ready
  • Localization-ready

Searchanise Magento extension delivers search results to the customers instantly. These extension type, show relevant products, special offers, categories and discounts in a single widget. The autocomplete widget of this extension is highly customizable, and it fits any storefront design. Searchanise Magento theme offers useful tools that will help the e-commerce developer to effectively make use of the store search to improve the conversion rates that will lead to better profits. The main features of this extension are:

  • Ensure that the search is smarter by adding synonyms
  • Define custom and redirects for a particular search terms
  • Show ads and promote products displayed in the instant search widget
  • Get the full view with advanced analytics
  • Optimize search for multiple devices like phones and tablets 

Swatches on the product details page. It substitutes the drop-down custom options or the configurable product options. Thumbnail images are used for selecting custom options like size, color, and types.


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