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Choosing right PHP developers is critical because ultimately, it is the developer who is going to decode your dream into authenticity. At a very height, the developer you are about to choose must understand the code, programming, technology and latest tactics. But, if you really need a good PHP developer you must seek to select the right PHP developer who suites best for your project.

Things you must check before you hire a PHP Developer

1.    Level of expertise and Experience

•    It is very important to choose a developer who is an experienced hand. It is the first and foremost thing that you must consider. An experienced and expertized hand would definitely be more useful. PHP Developers are generally categorized as a beginner level for starters, mid-level at intermediate and advanced level at the top. The categorization is truly based on technical skills and domain knowledge. You should choose a PHP developer in your team based on the complexity of your project.

•  In terms of technical capabilities, the PHP Developers should have an in-depth programming knowledge of PHP and HTML. The good starting point is to screen the portfolio of the developer to understand his experience and expertise. You can also cross-check the developer’s knowledge on various frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, ATK 4 or Agavi. Also check the developer’s ability to work with various available plugins, different databases and a variety of hosting options.

2.    Capability to collect requirements and deal with changing environments

•    One of the most vital share of any project is wants gathering. It is very important for a developer to completely understand the business requirements, customers need, and deliverables and can translate those into technical specifications.

•    It is a good idea to ask a developer to formulate his working strategy for requirements gathering. You can plat out your set of activities based on that.

•    Many times business analysts are involved in gathering the requirements and creating the specification document.

•    For the ongoing projects, it is quite familiar that the requirements keep varying based on business requirements, market loads and user response. In such cases for PHP, you need PHP Developers who are able to adapt to such changing requirements and can understand then quickly.

2.    Pip

Pip is a package management system, written in Python and is used to install and manage software packages. It provides a command line Interface and a software can be installed in one command. Python developers keep this tool to reduce the time and increase the security. Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 include pip by default.

3.    Testing and QA skills

•    It might not be always likely for business owners, especially for small and medium size businesses, to have a devoted team for testing as well as quality assurance of the application. In such cases, the developers who develop the code should be able to undergo the unit-testing and user-testing of their applications.

•    Many PHP Developers use Unit Testing Frameworks for discovering bugs.Unit testing frameworks drastically reduce the overall costs of application development. Apart from this, one must undoubtedlyrecognize the bug tracing method and system used by the PHP Developers.

4.    Communication skills

•    Clear communication is critical to any project victory. The developer you choose must be well acquainted with the use of various forms of communication methods like video, audio, web, phone and email messages.

•    It is generally observed that video communication between developer and business owners over tools like Skype or messaging apps and phone works much better than communicating over emails.

5.    Availability

If you are intending to outsource your development work, then availability of the developer at the time suitable for you is very important.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the developer who is working for you. The above explained pointers may be useful for you to find the right PHP Developers for your requirements. Everyone go with skilled, transparent, expertise and punctual developers.

Do share with us other points if you sense there are any other precarious factors which we have missed here.

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