Top 9 Paid Magento Extensions

Magento today is one of the most widely used ecommerce platform. To maintain a competitive advantage in the online world, an ecommerce store should have the latest features. eCommerce store owner uses Magento for fast and convenient online shopping experiences. Magento extensions help the e-commerce developer to extend the functionality of their website. Through this article, let us see some of the top paid Magento extensions that are mostly used to expand a website’s functionality.

The Custom Options extension is an effective tool that is applicable for any e-commerce store to increase the visitors and sales of the store. It provides the admin the best way to manage their custom options. The custom options template provides custom templates, inventory functionality, and stock management. This extension helps to customize option images and color switch. The main features of this extension are:

  • Apply the custom options to any product
  • Create dependencies among the custom options and their values
  • Create templates that depend on the existing product’s custom options

2. Shop By Brand | $119

The Shop By Brand Magento extension permits the e-commerce site developer to create new brands and connect multiple products to them. By this, the customers will have an option to find the manufacturer that relates to the items or distinguish the brand of the product. The main features of this extension are:

  • The merchants can filter products by brands in the left-bar navigation
  • The e-commerce developer can add brands menu in the frontend, and the customers can view the brand with one click
  • This extension can create a separate page that contains all the existing brands in the page
  • The customer can filter products of a specific brand

3. Email Marketing

The Email Marketing extension is an excellent module that attracts and also converts the shoppers into potential customers. Selling the products online is restricted with the communication between the shoppers and shop. But in order to expand the online business, the merchant can hold a conversation with the customers and influence them to purchase the products or services. This is possible with the assistance from the live chat on the website. However, the development of Email has a huge advantage for the e-commerce store. This attracts shoppers through the sample content. The Email Marketing Magento extension is an ideal solution for an e-commerce store to achieve the strength of email marketing strategy.

4. Reward Points | $149

The Reward Points extension permits the retailer to reward the customers with points for their purchases or any actions during their visit to the e-commerce store. This extension creates a unique loyalty program in the e-commerce store. Customers can redeem the reward points for discounts or any benefits. Customers can also refer friends and receive points. This extension will help to convert the site’s visitor into loyal customers who can, in turn, get more potential customers.

The One Step Checkout extension of Magento adjusts and performs optimized checkout that speeds up the checkout process. The checkout page is adjustable to custom themes, highly configurable, and also suitable for any device. The customers can perform operations like apply for gift cards, store credits, reward points, coupon codes, and edit items in the carts right on the checkout page. The e-commerce store owners can define default values for the fields, autodetect the customer’s location by IP, and automated address suggestion.

The Wholesale Fast Order Magento extension improves the merchant’s ordering process by permitting them to add many products to the cart. Merchants can search for items using the name and SKU and also provide CSV import functions with custom options for products. When there are long lists of products for B2B customers, they will have to import the list as CSV file and click on Add to Cart Button by using this extension. The main features of this extension are:

  • Quick order using the fast order form
  • Support Ajax search by products SKU and names
  • Calculate total amount automatically before adding the products to the cart
  • Order quickly

Delivery date and time Magento extension help to add date and time fields to the Magento checkout field. This will enable the customers to choose the estimated delivery date and time. This field reflects on the order details page which is under the information tab. The main features of this extension are:

  • The information available on top of the order details page
  • Not a mandatory field in the checkout page
  • Store managers can manage the products as per the customer’s listed delivery date and time. This also helps the store manager to ensure that the customer is available at the expected delivery date and time.

8. Free Shipping Bar   | $129

Free Shipping Bar Magento extension helps to deliver information directly to the customer. This bar takes little space and little time to set up but makes a huge difference. The main feature of this extension is:

  • Place the free shipping bar at multiple positions – category page, home page, product page etc.
  • Display the free shipping limit in a definite language for each store view
  • Replace the bar with success message when the customer reaches the limit for free shipping

9. Gift Wrap   | $55

Gift wrap Magento extension enables the customers to select gift wrap options when the customers purchase the products. This extension lists the gift wrap options to the customers and then adds the gift products to cart. In case the customer does not require gift wrap, they can proceed with this option. When the customer selects the gift wrap option, the system displays many images of gift wrap. Customers can also enter a gift message.


For any e-commerce store, Magento is a powerful solution and creates a complete package when clubbed with extensions. When e-commerce developers choose an extension, it should be aligned to the website’s requirement as well. All the above 10 paid Magento extension are suitable for variety of tasks.

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