What are some open-source libraries that every iOS developer should know to practice for iOS app development? By Laitkor Infosolutions iOS app development companies

1.  AFNetworking- It is the defacto interacting library for iOS. If you are using an API, uploading photos, whatsoever, this is what you can use. It is one of the most-appreciated open-source libraries out there and has the benefit of great design, plus the extended testing. Additional plugins come to address features that aren’t obtainable by the main core, and the protracted certification available makes occupied with it all the more satisfying an understanding.

2.   SVProgressHUD- This is an open-source operation of the modal “loading circle” that usually Apple uses in several of their apps.

3.   ShareKit- It is a drop in menu which lets users share content to a plethora of sources (e-mail, Twitter, SMS, Facebook and pretty much everything). It is an open source library for social media sharing features. With the help of this library, content sharing content becomes really easy. All documentation and instructions that are needed can be found on the website.

4.   TTTAttributedLabel- From time to time you need to spectacle script with some elegance. This is a drop in UI Labelstandby that lets you change the advent of your string on a granulated level.

5.   Nimbus- It is a mega-framework with just lots of well documented goodies that could be useful for your project. It is such a big project and each piece deserves its own mention, but you should deserve its own mention and you should take a look anyway.

6.   SSPullToRefresh- It is a pull to refresh library is easy to integrate.
7.   SDWebImage- It is an Asynchronous image downloader with cache sustenance.
8.   PLCrashReporter- It is an In-process crash reporter framework.
9.   SSKeychain- It is a simple wrapper for OS X and iOS keychain functionality for iOS app development.
10.  FormatterKit- It provides string formatter for dates, distances, different units and more.
11.  CargoBay- It is an in-app purchases made easier.
12.  JSONKit- It is parsing JSON faster than NSJSON Serialization of iOS 5.
13.  BlocksKit- it adds functional features to your arrays, dictionaries, sets and others.
14.  ReactiveCocoa- It will be popular for cocoa as Reactive Extensions are now for C# (.Net)
15.  TransitApp/SVProgressHUD- It is a very clean HUD that supports your real-time path the advancement of an on-going assignment. The library is cool to install and modify and posts announcements in reaction to being exposed/discharged or when users trace on the screen.

16.  There is now free websites that curate the best iOS libs (open sourced and commercial) that can be used. They are:

•    Cocoa Controls
•    iOS Frameworks
•    Maniac Dev
•    Qudos

17. Here are few more libraries to go:

• Three20: This framework was developed by Facebook for their iPhone App
• MBProgressHUD: This to display a progress activity window
• CorePlot: This is to draw colorful graphics.
• TISwipeableTableView: Swipeable Cell to show a menu, like the Twitter or Facebook Apps.

18.  There are too many libraries to remark, but in count to two decent resources of code and orientations to open source libs that have been recited, one more is added here. So now they are iosframeworks.com, cocoacontrols.com & maniacdev.com.

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