What are the major challenges for full time iOS app developers? By Laitkor Infosolutions iOS app developers

As concerned with challenges for full time iOS app developers, the main challenges are discovery and acquisition. Of course there are challenges like retention and monetization is there, but if you can’t even get the right users to find you, you have got no one to retain and monetize. Many of these iOS developers are turning to add networks, but the concern here is, are you spending more to acquire users than you are actually making from them?

Challenges for full time iOS developers

1.    Just as it is with social apps, it is about ANALYTICS with mobile apps. When you are competing with hundreds of other iOS apps, you need to figure out the triggers quickly. You need analytics to monitor metrics such as costs to acquire customers (CAC), average revenue per user (ARPU).

2.    Working with graphics and designers that come from print and web is perplexing too. They incline to contemplate that the iPhone screen is a blank canvas, where they can draw things according to their stimulation. You need to give the designer a crash course in the components of the platform and do UX and ask the designer to ‘skin’ it.

3.    It is the combination of high CPI prices, a long review period, and persistent reviews, which leads to a situation where a developer can’t iterate an app based on user feedback.

On iOS, the time between submitting and being available in the App Store can be weeks, and CPI prices are such that acquiring users is a significant expense.

4.    The number one challenge has to be the App Store review guidelines. While many of the things are apparent, a lot of them strategies are left to Apple’s decision of what they sense is right. You have to have submitted a lot of apps with functionality to safeguard you recognize all the explanations why your app might be prohibited.

5.    Another challenge is to effort with non-mobile friendly API that, for example, entail the app to make diverse http calls in a specified series or question you to make several calls to build / apprise a data model on the client side. Most developers don’t like working with designers and then the clients that think that the developer’s job is easy because there are tools like phonegap.

6.    Optimizing for performance is also one of the issues. Although most of the UIKit seemed to do a great job at performance, most of the time you will still need to know the bits and tricks on how to optimize for performance. This takes a tremendous amount of time to get it right.

7.    The iOS SDK documentation can be slight or puzzling at whiles, especially for new features they announce with SDK discharge. For the past limited OS versions that Apple is getting out, they seem to halt some code from the previous SDK versions unvaryingly. As a result, most apps clang when you upgrade your device OS. Not all developers are able to update their apps in time for new OS release.

There have to be healthier replacements than solutions that are out there. This necessitates careful preparation and a lot of time expended on instruments. But developing iOS apps is still so much fun compared to other platforms.

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