What iOS apps have the best on-boarding screen/flow? By Laitkor Infosolutions iOS App development

iOS apps which have the best on-boarding screen/flow

1.  HeyDay: It is an automatic journal app. Their designers/PMs have worked in gaming as they are good at not breaking flow which is super imperative for the manipulator capability. Game designers often attempt to get companies into a state of ‘flow’ in which “a person carrying out a movement is fully engrossed in a sense of emphasis, full contribution and delight in the progression of the activity”. One of the main necessities for accomplishing flow is to be as modest as probable. The app needs a lot of authorization which generally breaks flow, but they appeal it in a way that feels natural.

First it enlightens the value of knowing your whereabouts. Then you are asked to grant approval in the HeyDay style interface. Only after you have done this, the iOS permission box pops-up.

2.  Ponder: It is an anti-social app which is backed by Greylock Partners and Mark Cuban. Regardless of whether this app will be successful or not, they did a good job with their on-boarding process and details. They did very well on iOS app development and following the installation of Ponder, they did well on their apps user onboarding process and what other app can learn from it.

It consists of the following sequence:

•    Registration: Generally pops welcome screen that is designed incredibly. The first thing that way too many apps that, is asking their users to register their personal data even before welcoming them. The next step is designed to make the user sign up via Facebook, hence giving Ponder

•    Verification:
•    Intro
•    CTAs & Push Notifications

3.  IFTTT: The Do Button by IFTTT is one of the best onboarding specimens you can have in a mobile app. Do crucial aids you protect time and control your world by crafting a button for you using which you can turn off lights, track your time or site or get out of an obstinate date among other things.

4.    These apps have the best design of all intro screens of work apps and are incredibly designed:

•    Evernote
•    Tweetbot 3
•    Flipboard
•    Peek Calendar
•    Yahoo Weather
•    Carousel by Dropbox
•    Awesome Note

A corporation has to use a lot of time getting on-boarding right. From private touch to sequential emails, step by step walk through, and a wide-ranging user community- they go the distance to get you zero to productive. The key is that you will be introduced to the complexity by using it in a controlled environment.

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