What is a master page in ASP.Net? By Laitkor Infosolutions ASP.NET Application Development

ASP.Net master page is a template to apply on a web page. You can even have more than one master page in an application. It is a page which is connected with all other pages so you can access it easily.

Master page in ASP.Net

1.  It is basically the first page which gets loaded and some portion of it is carried forward to all the pages which is inheriting it or you can say child pages. Major use of it is like Header and Footer on all pages or when you put it on master page, it will be part of all the child pages.

2.  Master page in the official Microsoft ASP.Net site is like a theme you are going to put on in all methods, create once and then apply to all forms.

3.  It is moreover like a template / frame for other pages. It gives a consistent look as well as behavior to the other pages. Master Page will be having the placeholder which can be overridden by the content holder of the each page.

4.  The advantages of having master page in the application are discussed below:

•   They allow you to consolidate the collective functionality of your pages so as to assist you to make updates in just one place.
•   They also make it easy to generate one set of controls and code and then apply the results to a set of pages.

•    They give you fine-grained controller over the layout of the final page by allowing you to control how the placeholder controls are extracted.
•   They also provide an object prototypical that allows you to customize the master page from distinct content pages.

5.  Master page is nothing but simply layout of the website which you can see on every page, like exp- you may have seen that some part of website is common at every page that common part you may think as master page. Master contains the layout which will remain through the postbacks, and only the content holder can be modified, changed or altered. Or contents of the page can be intended there apart from the elementary layout of the page which is master page. The Content pages are selected under master page.

6.  If you really want some definite elements to be present in all the pages of your website, simply place that content in master page and it will get reflected in all other pages you choose to display the common content which is present in master page.

Master pages allow you to create a consistent look and behavior for all the pages in your web application. This improves the maintainability of your site and avoids unnecessary duplication of code for shared site structure or behavior. The content page contains the content you want to display. Should you have more related queries to Asp.Net Application Development, contact us at live chat.

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