What tricks make an iOS app feel responsive? By Laitkor Infosolutions iOS App development

At the point when adding to an iOS app development, it is important that your application has greater execution. Your users expect it, and it will hurt your surveys if your application seems lethargic or moderate. There are a number of ways which can make an app responsive.

Making a responsive iOS app

1. Avoid using the main thread for processes that don’t really need updates on the UI like reading from and writing to files, parsing a feed, etc.

2. There must be some content on the screen at all times as far as probable, even if the content is stale, and there is a feed updating in the background.

3. You must make sure that there is never a point of time in your app that a button or control is uncaring due to any handling. You must use background threads. Apple’s cocoa framework has made it justly easy for developers to couple the power of multi-threading without needful in-depth awareness of how threads work.

4.  Apart from these, there are some tips you need to consider while constructing the UI:

•    You must use opaque opinions somewhere probable, specifically on table view cells. For view that is condensed with vibrant color background, the system has to truly calculate its color from the view beneath it. This demonstrates down the scroll speed of table view cells to a significant range.
•    It is better idea to draw content on table view cells, rather that add Subview-ing UI Laberls or any UIViews for that matter.

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5.  You must use Core Animation to your maximum benefit. This is an area of the API of iOS app development that can sometimes be poorly understood by devs. Cache UI elements intelligently. The should Rasterize flag on CALayer objects is a powerful tool that takes a great deal of pain out of caching.

6. You should also understand the behavior before caching. For example, the shouldRasterize flag can cause *damaging* concert influence if used on habitually invalidated views. The firmest drawing you can do is an elongated series of Core Graphics calls. If you are in an awfully concert intensive environment, an absolutely flattened set of calls in drawRect can be several times quicker than the intuitive application of many sub-views and a proportion of compositor work at render-time.

7. You can learn from the UITableView implementation and recycle frequently nullified/produced objects. Every alloc and dealloc is a presentation adverse, so if you are working to be doing a lot of it, try to find methods to decrease this load. There are some of the following ways which can make an app feel responsive:

•    Use ARC to Manage Memory
•    Use a reuse Identifier where Appropriate
•    Set views as Opaque when possible
•    Try not to Block the Main Thread
•    Size Images to Image views
•    Pick the Correct Collection
•    Empower GZIP Compression
•    Reuse and Lazy Load Views
•    Reserve, cache, cache
•    Consider Drawing
•    Handle Memory Warnings
•    Reuse Expensive Objects
•    Maintain a deliberate detachment from Re-processing Data
•    Prefer the True data Format
•    Background Images Suitably
•    Diminish your web footprint
•    Pick correct data storage option
•    Speed up Launch Time

Anticipate work that will need to be done in the near future. There must also be a Limit UI complexity. An app that is impeccably enhanced and follows *all* of the above suggestions would still feel slow if it takes many compliments and changeovers to get from one anticipated place to the succeeding. Start asynchronously rendering upcoming cells before your table views asks for them. The above stated tricks and many more indeed, can make iOS app feel more responsive.

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