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LAMP (PHP Apache Linux MySQL) is free, ASP is not. The rest is just a matter of taste, preference and sometimes principle. ASP.NET MVC framework is quite nice for web application development. PHP by comparison is too low level. There is no mature MVC framework for it. Everything has to be built from the ground up. Asp.Net Application Development attracts more number of users than PHP Application Development Services

       Which is better?
  1.  If you learn ASP.Net, you could learn any language after that. ASP is robust php works with interpreter which make it slow. Facebook have their own PHP engine to make their web page fast. If you want to work as a freelancer or own startups, then Go with PHP. If you want to work with something big, then Go with ASP. It is because only Big Enterprises trust in paid technology not open source like PHP.
  2.  Both, PHP & ASP.NET are good and bad in their own aspects. It depends on what your clients want. If he wants you to do it in PHP, you can follow that. If asked for ASP, you could also do it. You can do it for all the language you know, if he pays you.
  3.  ASP.NET is more advanced when compared with PHP. ASP is growing very fast while PHP is growing with limited speed.
  4.  In terms of performance, ASP.NET is faster while PHP is faster for small programs and slower for medium-to-big programs.
  5.  ASP.NET is highly secure while PHP is comparatively less secure.

6.    When compared in terms of availability of tools and editors, ASP.NET has Microsoft Visual Studio Editor while PHP is Editor independent.

7.    The content Management system of PHP involves Joomla, Typo3 and Magento; while that of ASP.Net is Sitefinity, kentico, Umbraco and majoPortal.

8.    PHP is an open source technology which needs no license, and that to powerful too as Facebook is written in XPHP. ASP.Net is Microsoft product thus obviously needs to pay a price to develop in it.

9.    Whatever language you are comfortable with; excel it and come up with a good idea. It can be PHP, ASP.Net or any other language. People used PHP and came up with Facebook, Yahoo etc. People at Microsoft useASP.Net for their websites and some creative platforms; and yes it is also working and gaining profits.

10.    Certain costs are associated with ASP.Net development whereas PHP is completely free. So, people are mostly attracted where they can same money. PHP use extremely popular frameworks for web development such as LAMP, and thus, has been optimized extensively for improved performance than ASP.Net.

Tools and Editors of PHP and ASP.Net are easily available. People new to programming will find ASP.Net difficult to pick up. PHP, on the other hand, is very calm to pick up.

Moreover, PHP ranks as the 6th most popular language online whereas ASP.Net couldn’t have managed to get any position in top 20’s. For more related information & discussion, contact us at laitkor.com.

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