Why choose AngularJS for web development

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. Google developers designed and developed this framework to simplify front-end development. Angularjs application development has multiple frameworks and plugins for web developers to create web applications.  

Let us analyze as to why to choose AngularJS for web applications.

Fast and easy

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC Framework for front-end development. The Angular web design process requires the developer to add few attributes to the HTML language, and due to which the application development becomes quick. It helps in the controller function, builds any dependency between the controller and template, and also collects all the data to display on the screen.

High Performance

Few features that make web developers choose AngularJS are easy usage and maintenance, robustness, and ability to build new features. Along with these, this framework also has features like Filters, Data Binding, Scope Management, Animations, Directives, API Client, Routing, Form Validation, Content Sanitization, and many more that makes web applications easy and fast. The UI design with Angular JS guarantees that the designers would create new elements with full support at each stage.

MVC Architecture

AngularJS makes use of Model View Controller (MVC) architecture for a web application development. To implement MVC, the designers will have to split the app, and the rest is all managed by AngularJS.  MVC architecture takes care of the following:

  • The Model maintains the data
  • The View is responsible for data display
  • The Controller acts like a bridge connecting the View and Model for a connection

Two-way data binding

Angular.js makes use of two-way data binding. Any change that takes place in the user interface immediately will influence the application objects and vice versa. When the framework comes across events like module changes, browser events, and user actions on the web page, it completely updates the patterns.

Ease of Use

AngularJS has a rich set of feature that makes the web development easy by reducing the code. By implementing MVC architecture, the designers can use the framework with great ease.

Ready-made solutions

Angular.js solves multiple tasks with ready-made solutions. The developer need not follow strict project structure; instead can create applications with a different structure. This framework supports hybrid applications creation.

Client Side Solution

AngularJS works on the client side and is well-suited for mobile and desktop browser. This framework is suitable for any project since it does not have any backend modifications.

Simplified Testing

Angular.js modules possess the application parts that make it easy to operate. Separation of the modules permits the developers to load only essential services and effectively perform automatic testing.  Likewise, when you follow the principle of one file one module, there is no need to recall module loading order.


AngularJS is an excellent choice for a JavaScript framework that allows advanced web application development. It is particularly useful for building single page applications. AnjularJS web application development has become quite popular in recent years as it advances a web user experience through simple navigation and information display. As Google developers have designed and developed this framework, it has a strong foundation and is also well-maintained.

We, at Laitkor, provide web development using AngularJS and create an a application of your choice. we have an expert team who can develop a comprehensive framework that is best suitable for applications where data and view are as per the MVC pattern. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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