Why iOS Mobile App Development Rules the App Market?

iOS apps win hands down when it comes to popularity over Android and even with Android users being more in number, iOS is the winner in terms of popularity. Have you ever wondered as to why iOS mobile app development rules the app market? Well, we’ve brought to you the reasons for the same with this blog; read on to learn more.

#1: Apple enjoys a loyal user base

You might have often come across apple users who are willing to shell out more for a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop simply because the product is from Apple.Such being the popularity of Apple devices, mobile app developers target Apple’s loyal user base and release apps for iOS more than Android as these users are more likely to pay money for their apps. Apple’s products are synonymous with not only quality but a fan base that is ready to spend money on apps, in-app purchases too. Thus, this is a better market for users to target as compared to the Android market in terms of revenue.

#2: Apple has always been known for its focus on user experience

If Apple enjoys reputation among users, it is solely owing to its superior quality and focus on user experience. It is quick easy to understand how an Apple phone works and even new users can learn to use it pretty quickly. Such is Apple’s focus on user experience and users automatically think that any app available on the AppStore will have a better user experience when compared to Android apps. Also, with such good UX already in place, it becomes easy for app developers to create what they envision and iOS’s streamlining helps a great deal with it.

#3: iOS brings in a higher spending user base

We’ve already touched upon this in the previous points too. But, this is very important when an app developer thinks of revenue generation for his/her app. With Android, the user base is typically a lower spending one when compared to iOS and developers have to look at multiple options for revenue. With iOS, the chances of users spending on a paid app is higher and in-app purchases too are statistically more when compared to that from an Android app.

Given all these, it is pretty clear as to why iOS rules the app development market for after all if given a user base that will generate good revenue and a platform where you can easily create an app with user experience, app developers will surely lean towards it and begin working with it! Also, add to this the fact that Android app development has become more expensive through the years given the greater effort required for app development, iOS app development works out to be cheaper and more streamlined with better prospects for revenue generation which is ultimately more important from an app’s success standpoint. Explore our website for more details on our services and watch this space for informative and interesting blogs.

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