Audio Feedback Button For WebsitesAllows Users/Visitors to Leave an Audio Feedback on a Website

  • OS: Windows
  • Server Side Language: PHP & Cake PHP
  • Client Side Technology: Jquery, Javascript, Google Sound Recognition API
  • Architecture: MVC

We have developed a button that allows users/visitors to leave an audio feedback on a website. There are users who are sometimes willing to leave a feedback on their experience of visiting the website but there are times when website visitors might not be good enough in expressing themselves in writing.

This is the time when there is a greater likelihood that the visitor might close the website without leaving a feedback and thus the webmaster loosing to get a suggestion. Laitkor team created this button for the client to solve this problem where users can provide a audio feedback.

  • This a button that is integrated in other websites to get audio feedback from the visitors.
  • The button uses the google sound recognition API to record audio and also convert the audio into readable text.
  • To integrate the button to any website only the button html and one javascript file is added at the website and the button is displayed on the pages.
  • There is user registration section to add users and owners.

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