• API .Net Core
  • Infusionsoft
  • HL7

Developed a system for a client which integrated their CRM (Infusionsoft) to there vendor’s system allowing them to automate their medical test process from the customer ordering the test to receiving the report.


The process starts by creating an Infusionsoft order with a tag. This would call a webhook to start the order. We created a script to generate a HL7 order and place in in a S3 bucket, which would be mapped to a FTP folder. The lab picks up the order from the FTP folder.

Once the test is done, the lab puts the test results back in the folder. We have a watcher script which keeps watching the folder and any change detected, fires a script to pickup and process the result. Finally, we update the user account in Infusionsoft with the result in PDF format.

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