Inventory Management SystemAutomate the Inventory Assignment Process


Inventory management System will automate the Inventory Assignment Process in a company. Whenever an employee wants to use any item (like iPad, iPod, Laptop, Headphone, etc.) he need to apply for the same by logging into this application. Various reports can be generated based on the existing records.Inventory management systems are the rule for such enterprises, but smaller businesses and vendors use them, too. The systems ensure employee always have enough of what they want and balance that goal against a retailer’s financial need to maintain as little stock as possible. inventory management system is managed by sophisticated system applications that are designed to manage complex inventory plans and to a large extent contain processes that initiate and streamline the operations and inventory management.


Asp.Net MVC3, Asp .Net Membership, C#, Razor View Engine, SQL Server 2008, LINQ, Jquery


There are two different users who will be using this application, Administrator and Employee. This system helps in finding out the inventory status of the company. Apart from that ,before this inventory management system the bin cards, books or registers were maintained to note down the transactions and reports were prepared manually in every company. The system was basic and did not provide flexibility to manage warehouse locations as dynamic locations. The operations being manual were time consuming.


Companies generally used to manage their inventories manually. But companies having more number of resources/employees were finding it difficult to manage the records of issued devices/inventories in stock. Additionally inventory of lost or damaged devices also created problem in tracing the cause and date of damage or loss and accountability.


An automation of the inventory management was needed and that could only be done with an online Inventory management System.


We created a system defining an inventory assignment process in a company and its proper management.

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