Okta SSO


Okta being the most popular IAM in the industry because of it’s GUI based user control interface as well as API support for automation, Okta is implemented for a client who needs an IAM app for his employees & customers. They has couple of applications that had to be integrated within okta via SAML auth to setup SSO.

Client also need MFA for his Customer & Employees separately (text & verify).

Apps Integrated
  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Jira 
  3. Confluence 
  4. Bitbucket
  5. G-Suite
  6. Integromat
  7. Kinsta WordPress site
  8. Salesforce Production & 
  9. Salesforce Sandbox
  10. ZOHO One & 
  11. ZOHO Desk
  12. Zapier
  13. Upwork
  14. Slack

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