Party Headphones


Party Headphones is a Woocommerce website meant for purchasing and renting party headphone kits including their accessories. The project is all about booking rental party headphone kits to the clients all over USA with various types of additional equipments and shipping them simultaneously.

We are using an inventory management spreadsheet to manage the complete inventory of various purchased and rental kits separately which can be updated from both the ends to and fro. We are using spreadsheet API in functionalities listed. Fedex API is being used to fetch shipping details of products being sent and received.


PHP, CMS-Wordpress: Woocommerce; API(s): Fedex Shipping API, Google Spreadsheet API

  • Inventory Management (Includes Name, Quantity, SKU, Price, etc.)
  • Shipment Management to states (Includes number of days to reach of shipment)
  • Final Order accumulation sheet. (Includes Order ID, Status, Quantity, Price, Shipment details, accessories, etc.)

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