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Client was using amoCRM to handle his sales operations. He wanted to modify the UI for the webportal roughly based on the theme provided to the limit of the capability of the webportal.

  • Append code for features listed
  • DocuSign API integration
  • Multiple domain and email integration
  • amoCRM
  • DocuSign API
  • AWS route53, AWS SES
Features-Domain, eMail
  1. There will be three domains in use domain1, domain2 and domain3
    • Domain1 will have an email address which will be used to email the vendor customer view url
    • Domain2 will have an associated email address which will be used to email the quote to vendor
    • Domain 3 will be the url of the webportal
  2. Domain will be configured via AWS route53 DNS
  3. Emails will be routed through AWS SES
  • amoCRM data was imported to webPortal every night at 11:55PM and this data was read only in the webportal
  • Data records were NOT created in the webportal, it was done only in amoCRM and in supported schema.
  • Webportal was based on an opensource code and was hosted by client on his AWS EC2 server. We modified the code and its UI as per the specifications. 
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Calculator embeds
  • UI style desired by client
  • Mapping DocuSign document field to data fields
  • Docusign email Document

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