Trip Payments


Prospect wanted to build a platform to connect with a payment gateway to integrate with their existing backend in .NET Core using MSSQL Server in Azure cloud. ID verification using school bank accounts and/or  personal teacher bank accounts as entered by teachers. Prospect is collecting funds for field trips, etc. from a group of parents (in a classroom) and depositing the sum in one transaction into one of the above mentioned accounts. The on-boarding process should be frictionless for teachers. The first time funds are due to a school for an engagement/event/trip, at that time the bank (most minimal) information will be required for the user to deposit into their account.

A 1.5% transaction fee, plus all Stripe fees will be applied on top of the funds needed by the school.

Funds will be gathered by the platform and put though as a single transaction to save on fees.

  • C#, .net core, API
  • SQLServer
  • Stripe Connect
  • KYC, ID, OAuth

The solution was to build this similar to an escrow system. The SaaS platform has a bank account where all the funds are kept. The funds are disbursed as per the instructions of the teacher handling the account. The stack would be a .NET Core and SQLServer on Azure.

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